Who can participate in our recruitment process

If there is a match and the manager has requested these are the crucial universal skills before you decide to apply – make sure you fulfill all of these requirements, which are universal for every job opening at Naskers.Tech.
If you have exceptional communication skills; are fluent in English (CEFR B2+, or C1+ for project managers, marketing and sales positions); are able to focus on continuous learning and self-development; have the ability to search for answers and explore the topic you’re working on; love new technologies; appreciate start-up-like organizational culture and atmosphere… it means you’re ready to join us!

What is a juniorship?

Juniorship is a 3-month (or less) long period that you’ll spend mostly on learning and polishing your skills. You work with your mentor: a person that will introduce you to the team, show you our workflow and set up all the tools. You’ll be working with your mentor very closely during your first month. Your mentor will be the person you can ask anything you want about the job. A leader: you’ll meet your team leader each month during your juniorship. You’ll get feedback about your performance and progress and set goals for next months. It will also be the time to talk about your own observations! Then, if everything goes according to plan, you’ll be promoted and stay with us on a regular, non-junior position. It also comes with a pay rise.

Do I have to work full-time?

The minimum amount of time we’d like you to spend working for Naskers.Tech is 35 hours weekly (for developers). For other positions, we’d like you to be available for a full-time post.

Working hours

We usually work between 8 am and 6 pm, Monday to Friday – that’s the time range when we schedule all our calls and when most of our team members and clients are available online.

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Nevertheless, we believe that you’re the person who knows when your productivity is at its highest – that’s why we don’t have any strict working hours. Work whenever you feel is best for you!


Everyone who starts working in Naskers. Tech is allowed to choose freely between two types of contracts: B2B contract or Employment contract.

Remote work

It’s your choice to decide whether you’d rather work from an office or if you’d like to choose any other spot. Just make sure that you have access to a reliable and fast internet connection and you’re all set to work.