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We provide a wide range of outstanding services to help you grow your business. We partner with technology businesses globally to create innovative products and help companies implement digital transformations.

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Naskers.Tech is a Poland based provider of software development outsourcing services, game development and professional services with 30+ technical experts. We partner with technology

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businesses globally to create innovative products and help companies implement digital transformations.

We always want to deliver

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the best services to our clients and data is the key to understanding our customer’s needs and meeting their expectations. We understand the value data may bring to a modern organization and its potential to foster business growth. Therefore, our professionals are guided by data in their work ensuring the efficiency of all the company operations. Agile practices and methodologies have proven their effectiveness in the ever-changing digital world. Our specialists advocate agile approaches such as adaptive planning, continuous improvement, iterative delivery etc. to deliver tangible results to our clients. We aim to develop flexibility and adaptability within the company to be able to meet the needs of the highly dynamic global market and help our customers implement digital transformations of their businesses. We know that the best ideas are born in the free-spirited atmosphere and the best products are built by those who are not afraid to innovate. At Naskers.Tech, we are creating an environment where every individual can develop their own ideas.


All Naskers.Tech employees are encouraged to take initiative and develop the direction they are passionate about, gathering like-minded people around them. They are

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success of both our clients and Naskers.Tech.

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Game Development & VR

Mobile Application Development

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for games, trailers, teasers, films, tv productions, commercials

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Internet of Things

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Research and Development

(new technology)
Would you like to work for us, but you don’t know how to programme yet? Naskers Academy has the newest technologies, fantastic people, ambitious projects. You will learn how to „think like a software developer“ with us. After completing our course you can continue your dream career by joining our team! We invite all technology enthusiasts who want to learn programming to our Academy. You will learn modern programming languages, techniques and tools. You’ll experience what working in a project team is like. Depending on the interest, our courses will take place in Poznań and Gniezno. We are also planning to start online programming courses soon.
The minimal requirements to attend are:

  • skills in analytical thinking
  • an interest in technology
  • secondary education must be completed (preferrably with a technical profile)
  • a passive knowledge of English (for reading documents)
  • in the case of higher level language courses (e.g. Junior Java Developer) you must demonstrate knowledge

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    of front-end technology basics (HTML / CSS), the HTTP/S protocol and must have basic experience in programming in any language, e.g JavaScript, Python, PHP.

Our current courses:

  • Junior Front-end Developer
  • Mobile Apps Developer
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spirit of freedom, and inspiring colleagues. Working with us means working with innovative technology companies to implement cutting-edge solutions across our wide range of competencies and expertises.

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